Snowpeak Dictionary


Dictionary is a photography-driven conceptual project by Snow Peak, a Japanese camping equipment and lifestyle company. I worked closely with the Portland-based U.S. office; we collaborated on the site’s branding and design. Afterwards, I developed it.

The site is powered by WordPress. I built a custom theme from scratch which made creating slideshows and posts incredibly easy. The site looks great on everything from phones to desktops, and relies on responsive images to provide viewers with the best sized images for their browser.

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Screen capture of GhostPath


While working at MediaLeaf, the company launched GhostPath, a new VPN service. We started with a blank slate. I worked on everything: branding, logo design, custom application icons, front-end development, a WordPress blog, and even a motion graphic! The project was a creative stretch and a ton of fun.

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Screen capture of Paul Kotula

Paul Kotula Projects

Paul Kotula’s Detroit-based art gallery needed a new website to showcase upcoming exhibitions and artists’ work. I worked closely with a friend to design and develop a simple presence that focused on the artwork. We built the new site on WordPress, making it easy for Paul to add new artists, publish news articles and create galleries. It also looks great on phones, tablets and desktops.

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Screen capture of NewsgroupDirect’s Blog

NewsgroupDirect’s Blog

While working at MediaLeaf, we redesigned NewsgroupDirect’s blog. I worked on design, and rolled it into a mobile-ready, custom WordPress theme.

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Screen capture of Extra Effort

Extra Effort

I assisted Extra Effort, LLC, a Portland-area lighting and energy efficiency consultancy, with a new identity, site redesign and web development.

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Screen capture of Beer Review

Beer Review

It’s no mystery that I enjoy craft beer – ask anyone who knows me. After a particularly excellent beverage, I thought to myself, “I should start reviewing beer!” I made a little beer rating blog to satisfy this urge. Always wanting to learn something new, I chose to power the blog with Jekyll, a static site generator.

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