This In JavaScript

I recall the use of this being cryptic when first learning the JavaScript. Bjorn Tipling wrote an exhaustive explanation of this. The article covers (nearly) every imaginable use case, and taught me a thing or two.

Osmani’s JavaScript 2015 Writeup

Front end technologies have become increasingly difficult keep up with. A revolutionary new library comes out every two months, and browsers have been aggressive in pushing new standards. It’s exciting and wearying all at once.

Fortunately, Addy Osmani has an excellent write-up of the state of JavaScript as we move in to 2015. He discusses web components, module systems, and DOM rendering, among a few other hot topics. Regarding a few questions he poses, Mr. Osmani admits:

I’m an idiot, still haven’t ‘figured’ this all out and am still learning as I go along.

It’s reassuring that even one of the brightest minds in the field has some trouble with this stuff.

Oh, Right. Blogs.

A recent ShopTalk Show episode reminded me that, as a web dude, I ought to at least have a blog. Mr. Rupert, on having a blog:

It proves that you can think through a topic and share ideas on that. That’s why everyone we’ve ever had on ShopTalk Show has a blog with really interesting comments…The things you write on your blog are your way of thinking through problems…I think you have to have one. Or, at least, it’s an incredible value to you and it’s an investment in your future.

Oh, right. Guess I better reboot this thing.

Chimero's "Homestead"

Frank Chimero recorded his thoughts on our modern web:

So, I’m doubling down on my personal site in 2014. In light of the noisy, fragmented internet, I want a unified place for myself—the internet version of a quiet, cluttered cottage in the country. I’ll have you over for a visit when it’s finished.